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Jyotish astrological charts crafted for today's Mobile Astrologer

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Modern technology

Vedic Charts leverages modern technology to enable today's Jyotish astrologer when and where you need it most: Here and Now.

  • Mobile - In the Pocket

    With your charts on your phone they are always at the ready. Client has an urgent question? Not a problem.

  • Simple Interface

    Uncluttered interface is less intimidating for the amateur and more intuitive for the professional.

  • Mathematically Precise

    Built using high precision algorithms that provide accurate calculations based on the most recent planetary data.

  • Built for iOS

    Designed and developed for today's mobile devices and optimized for Apple iPhones.

Jyotish tradition

Distilled from the wisdom of ancient texts and handed down from the sages, Vedic Charts brings the Art and Science of Vedic Astrology alive - ready for interpretation by both the professional and amateur astrologer.

Vedic Birth Charts

Kundali birth chart drawn in South Indian format

Planetary Aspects

Tap to zoom in on houses and see aspects

Sidereal and Tropical

Ability to select your preferred zodiac

House Dignitaries

Calculates and labels the Lords of each House

House Lord Dispositions

Determines the influences on the House Lords

Temporal Relationships

Calculates the relationships between the Planets

Vedic Charts

Vedic charts is an astrological tool designed for both the amateur and professional astrologer. It is not intended to do the heavy lifting of traditional software such as Kala, rather it is designed to provide a simple and non intimidating access point to organize your most important birth charts and keep them with you in the sanctity of your trusted mobile device. Whether you are personally exploring your own chart or are a professional with a roster of clients, having astrology charts near hand for quick consultations or questions can be invaluable - to the point of not having them nearby could be considered foolish.

  • Makes finding intuitive realizations easier.
  • New 'Now' chart constantly plotting the chart for your current location and time.
  • Great pocket reference for both the amateur and professional


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