instructions v1.1 - now

Main Screen

  • “Gear” button at top opens options screen
  • Swipe side to side to move through your saved charts
  • Tap on houses to get a more detailed view
  • Planet button on bottom opens the planet details screen
  • Save button saves a snapshot of the current now chart (only available in v1.1 – coming soon!)

instructions v1.1 - options

Options Screen

  • Tap the + to add a new chart
  • Tap the edit/done button to toggle editing of your saved charts
  • Red button deletes a chart
  • drag bars to order the charts
  • chart list scrolls up and down
  • Configuration Options:
    • “zodiac symbols” toggles the use of symbols vs abbreviations for zodiac signs
    • “planet symbols” toggles the use of symbols vs abbreviations for planets
    • “house aspects” toggles display of planet aspects in zoomed house view
    • “show now chart” adds a chart that stays current to your current time and position (v1.1 coming soon)
    • “now uses sidereal” switches zodiac for now chart to either sidereal or tropical (v1.1 coming soon)


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